Stephen's Films, Videography, and Music CDs

2004 to 2011: The THRIVE movie, which was released 11/11/11 in 2011 in 10 languages worldwide on BluRay, DVD (PAL and NTSC), and live streaming via the Thrive website.

2004: Meditation in Motion a 35' film about Aikido Master Sensai Michael Friedl. Credits: Directed, Shot, Edited, Audio, Original Score, Co Produced, and mastered DVD.

2004 Traveler Deck Experience: Co-Directed, Co-Produced, Shot, Audio, edited, and mastered DVD

2003: Recorded and mastered two CDs for local Ashland artists: "Parcel from Ashland" which I co-produced with Pat O'Scannell, musical co-director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. "Tunes From Home", by Olof Soderback.

1980s-2002 Head teacher, and Media Productions Instructor at Peninsula School, Ltd.: Teaching kids to act, direct, shoot, edit, and handle their own post production.

1997: First place prize, Pierian Spring Software's Digital Chisel Contest (nationwide multimedia & animation project contest)

1995: editor (one of many) on Dorothy Fadiman's Academy Award nominated "FROM DANGER to DIGNITY: The Fight for Safe Abortion"
    This hour documentary won the following awards:
        EMMY:         Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:    
        GOLD HUGO:     Chicago International Film Festival:    
        GOLD APPLE:    National Educational Media Festival:    
        BRONZE CHRIS:   Columbus International Film Festival

Original Score Film Soundtrack: 30 minute Oceanographic TV special "Baja Giants of the Deep" (VHS edition published 1991)

1984: "In The Kingdom of the Dolphins" PBS hour special, which had many airings nationwide: Location sound, underwater sync sound, custom underwater acoustic research electronics design and implementation, and actor. Eventually released on VHS:

1984: Location sound for PBS documentary on San Francisco's Exploratorium

1981-1984: Location sound: Three ABC American Sportsman series location shoots in the Sea of Cortez, involving riding giant Manta Rays, Schooling Hammerhead Sharks, and Whale Sharks, with Peter Benchley, Stan Waterman, and Dr Eugenie Clark. A story of one of these adventures is at

1983: Animals, Animals, Animals (series) show: Diving with the Blue Sharks off San Diego, with Howard Hall. Location sound.

1981: PBS hour special: ShadowMaster - Location sound and production still photography: Fictional Docu-drama; Bali; written and shot on location over a 3 month period, in collaboration with a Balinese Shadowmaster and other artists in his village. More information, reviews, and "making of" story can be found at

1980 Golden Eagle Award — given to Stephen Gagne Sound
for our PBS documentary "Island at the Edge", shot in Iki, Japan.
    "Island" also won best documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival
This 30 minute special produced an international outcry that had a major impact on the Japanese practice of killing wild dolphins to improve their fishing harvest. I was one of a crew of 3 on location; underwater cinematographer Howard Hall on camera. Howard tells the story of this shoot at

1979: PBS hour special "Dolphin" Location sound and also underwater piano design, and performance: underwater with wild and captive dolphins around the world (actor on camera). I've been told that Dolphin was a major hit in the dreaded PBS nationwide fund drives that year.

1976: Concert Audio for Marty Scorcessi's feature film (and later DVD) "The Last Waltz" starring the Band, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and many others.

1969-1976: Bill Graham's Chief Engineer at Fillmore East and later for Bill Graham Presents on the West Coast. Head concert mixer, Audio Systems Head Designer for both consoles and speaker systems, Department Head in charge of hiring/firing for the West Coast operation, and concert tour mixer for many tours in this era including Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, The Band, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, and Santana.

Previous: NYU School of the Arts Film School -- Five semesters of intensive study of cinematography, directing, and editing with Director Martin Scorcessi.